About us

Current company

Guggach Ltd. has been established by conversion of Otto Weber & Co. The company owned by a familiy and it's idependent of other companies.

Guggach Ltd specialises in renting out furnished apartments to business people, individuals and students. Our main focus is on central locations in the City of Zurich. It offers unfurnished apartments, commercial spaces and restaurants also.

The core business of Guggach is the boarding house "Guggach Aparthotel" at Bucheggplatz. The Apartôtel Guggach building, constructed in the 1970s as an office building, was completely renovated in 2012, applying the latest ecological energy concept (Minergie label and CO2 free). Current stringent Fire Protection and Earthquake Safety Codes were strictly adhered to.


In 1940 Otto Weber opened a restaurant at Uraniastrasse (current Sternwarte). It was a typical familiy company which growed up in the fifties caused by the booming economie at Bahnhofstrasse. At this time there wasn't staff canteens so Otto Weber's restaurant produces hundred's of lunches. The restaurant had about 130 employees at peak-time.

It was customary in the 1950s for hospitality employers to offer on-site accommodation to their staff. Later on, additional rooms and apartments were added and offered to the general public. What used to be a sideline turned into a strategic business purpose.

1971 Otto Weber handed over the company to next generation which founded the firm Otto Weber & Co.